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Our Campus Visit Program strives to help counselors and students find the information and tools they need to make the most of their college decision process. Below is a list of our products and services. If you would like to order any materials or get additional information, please fill out the form below or click on the appropriate site (sample quantities are free of charge).  
Our Buy One Full-Fare Ticket, Get 50% Off Companion Ticket discount is available throughout the country by filling out a short form online. Provide students with the following link
Campus visitors and their parents can get great hotel discounts by booking online or by phone. For visitors coming to Boston, or Philadelphia check out our special rates by clicking on the city's name.


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We know that campus visits tend to all blend together after awhile. So, we developed this easy form to provide students with a structure to capture their thoughts and impressions of each school while the thoughts are still fresh in their minds.
  Market Specific Sites
Magazines, Web sites and travel information are available for Boston, Philadelphia, and Northeast Ohio.


2009 edition

2008-09 edition
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All magazines include downtown & regional maps showing college campuses, events in the city, articles written specifically for incoming freshman, student zones, and walking tours of the city.



Northeast Ohio
Columbus Ohio
Packed with vital visit information from our magazines, our market specific Web sites also have hotel information, college profiles, and directions to the schools.
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Campus Visit's Tripassist is designed to provide personal travel assistance for students and parents visiting our partner cities. They can call for hotel and travel information, or just to talk to someone about how to plan their campus visits. To help promote this personalized service we offer Travel Desk cards, small business sized cards with our Web site and toll-free number. They are a great addition to college information sessions, mailings, or individual counseling sessions.
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Please take a moment to fill out the following information regarding the college selection process. At the end of this form you can order sample quantities of our products for your students.

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