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  1. Can my high school age child travel with an older brother or sister or friend or cousin etc.?
    No… the promotion is for high school students AND a parent or guardian. The student and parent must travel together and have tickets issued at the same time. Also, Amtrak has asked us to tell people they do random checks to see if the student is in fact of high school age. We recommend that the student bring a high school issued ID or something on the school’s letterhead.

  2. Can we use the promotion if we purchase tickets less than three days in advance? (Even if our child was just accepted and we have to visit right away?)
    No… Amtrak is very strict about the three-day rule. There are no exceptions made.

  3. Do we buy the tickets from you?
    No…we are Collegia, Inc. and we partner with Amtrak to promote this offer. Only Amtrak knows the fares, schedules, and availability to your destination. For customer service or to book your tickets call Amtrak at 1-800-USA-RAIL (800-872-7245) or visit

  4. We traveled recently on Amtrak to visit a college and found out later there was a buy one, get one half price promotion.  Can we go back and get a refund?
    No… In the future, please visit our website or ask Amtrak or ask the college you are visiting ahead of time if there are any travel discounts.

  5. We bought regular Amtrak tickets to visit a college and before we traveled we found out there was a buy one, get one half price promotion. Can we go back and get a refund and rebook for the promotional fare?
    Yes… You will either get a refund (minus a service fee) for your first tickets or the opportunity to use the value of those tickets for other travel within one year’s time. Check with Amtrak for specifics.

  6. The only Amtrak train station near me has an ATM type ticket dispenser rather than a live agent. Can I pick up my companion fare tickets there?
    No… you must pick up your tickets from a station with staffed ticket windows.

  7. Can I make multiple stops in different cities during my trip?
    Yes… the Companion fare accommodates one way trips, round trips and trips with multiple destinations.

  8. I’m a college student. Can I use the promotion to go home for the holidays?  I’m a transfer student. May I use the promotion to visit another school?
    No… the program is intended for high school juniors and seniors traveling with a parent or guardian.

  9. I’m the parent. Do I need proof of being a parent or guardian?
    Many Amtrak stations require an ID just to get on a train as part of their security policy. For use of this promotion, Amtrak is expecting the travelers to be an adult and a high school student traveling together.

    * The student should carry an ID card from his/her high school or a note on school letterhead stating this person is a student there. (It’s wise to have the letter signed by a guidance counselor or teacher).  Amtrak agents are spot-checking student IDs.

  10. I used the promotion code on and it’s not giving me the full buy one, get one half price fare. What do I do?
    There usually are two possibilities in these cases. The promotional discount tickets may NOT be available on this route (i.e., the route is sold-out) during these particular times. Or, Amtrak may be encouraging customers to travel during off-peak hours. Two ideas: using Amtrak’s website again, try changing the dates and/or times of your trip. Or, call Amtrak and speak to an agent.

    Remember: the Companion Fare is always “Based On Availability.”

  11. I’m a high school guidance counselor. Can I use the Companion Fare for a group of students on the train?
    The Companion Fare is based on a junior or senior traveling with a parent or guardian. So unless you have each student accompanied by a different adult, this promotion won’t work for group trips.

  12. Where can I buy tickets for?
    This is a national promotion to be used anywhere in the U.S. to visit colleges.

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